Thursday, March 10, 2011

10 Ways to Detoxify Your Life

Saw this article and thought I should share... We all want to live a long, healthy and clean life so here's 10 ways to do that!

Click Here for the full article from In Style Magazine

1.  Eat dark chocolate - so fun and so easy to do!  Just make sure you're eating the right kind.  Duty Free has Godiva Dark Chocolate bars and Bacchus has Valrona.
2. Not so applicable to me
3.  Filtered tap water -Remember distilled water is super bad for your kids teeth!  As my dad's doctor friend said to me, your kids aren't batteries so why give them distilled water?
4.  Houseplants - its also one activity you can do with your kids! Take care of a plant together and watch it grow!
5.  Clay Mask - i want to try this soon!
6.  Dry Cleaning - who'd have thought this would have toxins!
7.  Lotion - i don't know which lotions don't have parabens. If you do do let me know.
8.  Fruits and Veggies - wash! wash! wash!
9.  Freezing pillows - this one we can't do, too bad for us.  But a good option for kids is getting them a Gummo pillow.  Gummo is
10.  Shoes - great tip!

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