Tuesday, March 8, 2011


Sacrifice. Tomorrow is Ash Wednesday the start of lent. I started my lenten sacrifice the day I found out that Kaylabear is sick again. I decided to only eat meat once a day and not drink milktea.  I don't really do much everyday so food is the only thing I can really give up.

Before i had any children I myself acted like a child even as an adult. I didn't like sharing my food. But looking back now ever since M1 was born that has changed.  I didn't even eat the pate my sis in law got for her from HK because she really loves it. I love it too but for her I would gladly not eat.  I guess even if food was my first true love that is no longer true.  The sacrifices parents make are immesurable and innumerable. We find ourselves doing things we never thought we would.  The sleepless nights, wiping their asses, cleaning boogers and saying no to parties to spend time with them.  Gone are the days when life was all about me.  When i could just get up and go any where and stay out til the morning or sleep in all day.  Everyday it is all about my family.

So kids stay young for as long as you can.  Enjoy your freedom and your childhood...  and parents squeez in as much time as possible with ur kids while they still want to be with u bec before u know it they're walking down the aisle and u dnt know where time went.

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