Wednesday, March 9, 2011

The Bane of My Existence

Stretchmarks! Oh! How I hate you SO!!

I gained more than 40lbs (I'm not giving out the real number) during my 1st pregnancy and was carrying M1 for 42 wks.  Because of those two reasons, I have 1 million stretchmarks.  NO, that is not an exaggeration.  Fine, it is but still, I look like a zebra. Even 2years after I am still zebra like and I still haven't accepted it.  Once upon a time I used to love the beach and I could go at any time.  Wearing bikinis was as easy as putting on my shoes.  Some people had to skip a meal to look beach ready but not me.  Not until now.  I haven't gone to the beach since I was pregnant, I have been afraid for the world to see zebra that I am but now I don't have a choice.  My good good friend is getting married in Boracay next weekend and here I am eating my sorrows away.  (I know! talk about Catch 22!!)

I have been searching for new suits to wear because my old bikinis really don't cover enough.  Searching in the malls and online I found one brand that really stuck out.  Having great solutions for the animalesque skins and bodies out there! Naked Sun Swimwear offers suits with enough coverage and distraction for those who no longer have the perfect body. (Yes, I am implying that I once had the perfect body.  Well, more perfect than the one I have now!)  Check out their new collection after I make my purchase! :) Just click on the link.

Going back to stretchmarks, I asked my fellow mommies out there about theirs and based on my research, moms said that stretchmarks are genetic mostly but I noticed that the less weight you gain the lesser your chances of getting any.  Which is only common sense, I know.  So no matter what you put on your skin, body butter, oil and the like, if you gain more than 35lbs you're bound to get some.  So pregnant people out there, save yourself from this misery and put that cupcake down!  Give the last slice of cake to your husbands and place the chocolate back in the box.  HEP HEP HEP!  Chips, fried chicken and jolly hotdogs aren't good midnight snacks!  Eat after you give birth because your child may one day leave your house but your stretch marks WON'T!

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