Saturday, March 5, 2011

Kaylabear 5 Mos Old

When we're still pregnant and people ask us whether we want a boy or a girl the normal reply is "Any as long as the baby is healthy".  Even if the answer sounds rehearsed and overused we mean it.  Especially when you find out your child was born with something wrong with her system.  Makayla has had UTI twice, one of the worst moments of my adult life was when she was admitted to the hospital.  Last week we took her for an ultrasound of her kidneys, the results only showed the size of her kidneys and if there was any scarring caused by the two times she got sick.  Today we took her for another test called VCUG, it shows whether or not the urine is backing up from her bladder and into her kidneys.  Unfortunately the results weren't good news.  Both sides have Grade 2 reflux.  Hopefully she will outgrow this when she turns two.  But she will have to drink low dose medication everyday until she turns two.  

Enough with the medical mumbo jumbo... I am sad.  


There's nothing more we can do but to pray and pray and pray.  
I am still grateful that there's a big chance she will grow out of it and won't need an operation.
I am grateful that it's not something worse.  

I am grateful that baby Kaykay smiles every time she sees me.
I am grateful every time i hear your laughter and your small voice.

In UST hospital wearing the small gown
I am grateful for you, Kaykay. See you tomorrow little darling.

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  1. stay strong kayla :) we're praying for you guys always!