Thursday, March 3, 2011

Baby Photography

One of the things new parents do the most, other than feeding their babies or changing diapers is taking pictures.  I took more than a thousand pictures during the 1st month of M1's life.  I have already filled 3 albums during her 1st year of living and have spent more than a month's salary to develop photos.  All that and we haven't even started on the professional shoots.  My friend gave me free membership for The Picture Company when M1 was born, so it was automatic for me to have her pictures taken there.  I didn't go every month, I went every 2-3 months and had photos developed every time.  I said her 1st birthday would be the last time we went and so far i've kept my word but only because I've been so busy.

Now it's M2's turn and we tried out a new studio in Wilson street because it's so much nearer and cheaper than Pic Company.  Shutterbugz is located beside Santis Deli.  They also offer membership for a year and prints are priced at 650php only.  In Picture Company a print is more than 900php.  Take a look at their Facebook page here to see their photos.  The picture Company has its own website, they used m1's pics there but the costumes that she's wearing are our own and not theirs.  Though they do have an abundant rage of costumes and set ups.  Another choice would be Blow Up Babies but they have 1 branch only and it's at Serendra which is too far for me.  Their pictures are great because it's a whole production, your baby can become an egg yolk or cupcake topping!

My dream photo shoot is still from stork studio, I still haven't had the chance to bring the kids there because of the price but I promise that when M2 turns 1 we're going to go there to have our pictures taken.  They take wonderful newborn photos!  The best I've seen from someone based here in Manila.  They don't need alot of gimmicky costumes because they showcase their talents.  A bit steep for one shoot but pick a milestone and use that as your reason for getting them.  Here's their website so you can view how great they are at taking newborn photos and their rates.


  1. Greetings from Russia! Oops I mean Japan! I know Stan of Stork Studio, his wife is a classmate of mine, also an avid breast feeder. I am sure you two can have a lot in common.

  2. Kuya!really? Nat knows Sofia also super galing nila tlaga, im thinking of taking her photography class BUT is still very tamad hehe. when are you coming home again?

  3. here from andrew. yes, do try the stork studio ;) actually, if you compare the packages v. the mall studios with prints, competitive na. and yes, ako yun avid breastfeeder classmate nya. you might want to join our Milk Mamas blog carnival :D

  4. hi jenny, yes i agree however pag sa mall you can have your photos taken and just choose 1 or 2 prints so you spend less than 2k but with stork since you got a package already you need to make sure you get at least that much nice photos. if not you wont be so happy with your prints :) but i willt ry them soon!

    whats milk mamas??