Sunday, March 27, 2011

The Best Part Of Parenting

My bff sent this article to me to read.  It is about a mom who used to blog about parenting but now she writes books and even children's stories.  She could be my idol if only I knew who she was and if i've read her works, but sadly I haven't and I don't really have the time to do so.  She is so much more knowledgeable than I am, maybe 10000x more, she has 3 kids and they are now all adults.  I, on the other hand am barely an adult myself.  After reading her article I realized that even if I do want to keep my babies as small as they can be I also really do look forward to seeing them grow up and have conversations with them that don't involve the same question being asked 100x.

What for you is the best part of parenting? Click this to read the Article

For me the best part of parenting is everything about it except the lying.  Give me a person who has never lied to a child and I know for sure that person doesn't have kids.  KIDS.  I emphasize on the plural and the word kid, not baby, kids.  I started out idealistic and not wanting to lie too, but how can you not when your child doesn't want to wear underwear?! Or she refuses to let her bumbum be wiped after dropping a super sh*t bomb in the toilet?!  So I tell her worms will go and eat her bumbum and she quietly absorbs that information.  I love spending everyday with her, I love it when she wakes up all slow and sleepy eyed.  I love having conversations with her and listening to her monologue about Beth the girl in Barney.  I love her little quirks and unexplainable urges to stretch, dance off beat and speak in a high pitched sing song voice.  Toddlers are a challenge and a wonder.  Children are so different from each other, M1 was as demanding as an old man sick in bed while M2 is a smiling little angel who can watch you while you go about your day.  They are both astounding creatures that I feel so blessed to have, although I am not looking forward to being the mom of 2 teenage girls.  UGH!  Thank goodness I still have more than 10years to prepare!  The best part of parenting is the joy of being a parent.  Waking up to their voices (or cries) annoys the hell out of me BUT also makes me smile.  They can turn any bad day into a wonderful one.  :)


  1. sana nga their teenage years wont be as bad as think it might... sana they wont be like how we were (talagang im speaking for us both eh)... not that we were the worst girls or that we ended up bad people BUT sakit ng ulo lang talaga siguro kanila mom before. AS IN.

  2. yes exactly.. but knowing how karma works... it will be masakit sa ulo! Thats why im enjoying the kids as much as i can now :D