Monday, March 28, 2011

Dream Homes

Most of my friends are getting married now and with marriage comes living in new places and trying to make it "home".  We all have dream houses, dream kitchens, dream bathrooms and etc...  As hard as it is to believe, the small space I have now always felt like home to me because of the people living in it.  The bedroom may feel cramped because of all the things in it, the flight of stairs a bit tiring when you have to go back downstairs if you forget something and the bathroom is small.  There are times when people laugh at where I live and I cannot help but feel embarrassed but an hour or so after, I still really love the space I have.  Who wouldn't want a bigger house? Or to live in a better neighborhood?  I think we all dream to have something more than what we have, even those of us who live in mansions.  But to be happy and content with where we are is a gift I thank God for everyday.  And all this happened because of my family.  I live 200 steps away from my old house where help is always available.  Whatever it is I need, I know I can find it there.  I live in less than 200 square meters of unabashed noisy laughter, unending smiles and unconditional love from, when put together, 50lbs worth of human beings.

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