Thursday, March 24, 2011

I'm Back Home

I took a leave from blogging when I went to Boracay last weekend.  The wedding was beautiful and the food was good.  The beach was as I remembered it and the company was great but nothing can compare to the high pitched laughter of my 2 babies.  A few days away from them really helped me realize that I never want to leave them again!  In the few days I was away, I think M2 has forgotten already who I am and M1 sort of matured.  She is now able to sit quietly and play all by herself for 10mins or so.  This only happened once before and that was when I gave her a small pair of scissors to cut with.

M1 was okay even if her mommy wasn't with her for 4 days.  I am so relieved that my trick worked!  All you have to do is help them beforehand.  Tell them constantly that you will be going away and that you will come back.  I showed her a painting of a boat we have in the house and told her I will be riding in something like that going to the province.  Since M2's yaya just came back from the province M1 knows that wherever that is people still come back from there.   Let them anticipate it and deal with it while you are still with them.  I am now telling her about going to school without her mommy and yaya.  I told her that when the kids are with Barney it is like their school and that Barney and friends are teachers and there are no mommies there just other kids.  I think she understands, at least I hope she does.  I used to just avoid the issues and I realize now that its so much better that she knows whats coming, so she knows to prepare herself for it.

Kids grow up so fast and we more often than not assume they cannot understand us yet, but they do and they can.  Just be patient in explaining and use pictures, videos and even drawings to explain.  The more they understand the more they can deal with it.


  1. Slao, I can so relate with the guilt. And in my case it happens a lot more often!

  2. awwwww... i hate leaving them!!! i can barely enjoy myself when they arent around!