Friday, March 18, 2011

Sleeping In A Different House

Two more nights and then I am leaving on an airplane the guilt is eating up inside of me.  If I didn't have a wedding to attend I really wouldn't be going away for 3 nights.  Today we moved Kaylabear to my mom's house so she can get used to sleeping there before her sister has to be there too.  It will be a weekend of adjustments for them both as they have never slept in the same room, ever.

Leaving the kids for the 1st time in months (never since M2 was born), is a struggle for me.  I am filled with mixed emotions as the date comes nearer.  I am preparing both Maxine and myself from our separation.  They say its better to separate before you even leave.  So, I try and not spend as much time as I want with her.  I bought a few things to distract her while she is at the other house.  I got her a small pool and asked the driver to put sand in it, sticker books and a new Dora book that teaches her how to close buttons, snaps and zippers.  I hope it is enough.  I hope she's been prepared enough.

here she is eating her pate before we leave for the airport

M2 not really knowing that we're leaving

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