Thursday, March 31, 2011

A Peek Inside My Everyday

I blog for free.  I so far have more than 4,000 views in the span of 2 months that I opened my blog to the world.  I am neither famous nor have been paid in any way.  My only viewers are the people who are my friends in my Facebook account and more probably a few enemies who secretly read and critique me behind my back.  I have always wanted to become a writer, when I answered slumbooks as a student I would write in Occupation: Lawyer, writer and astronaut.    My grades told me I was not meant to be a lawyer though I can argue as much as one and only first born children can become astronauts so here I am still dreaming to be a writer.  I took a writing class years before and it has helped me alot when I used the techniques that my teacher gave. I dont use them anymore now, because they actually involve a pen and paper.  I often think that I am merely talking to myself or my best friend when I post my stories.  After which I realize people other than my best friend will read this so I have to edit and fix some of the things I said.  I also cannot just jump from one story to another nor can I not have a point.  There always has to be a point because if not then the post was just to be self indulgent.


I stay at home with the kids everyday.  I used to work around 8 hours a day (who am I kidding?!), actually I used to work for my parents before until I gave birth and barely worked for them.  I started to make clothes and hair accessories for little girls as it was what I really wanted to do to make some money.  I joined bazaars with my friend and stopped since the year started.

So, you see I am not just a mommy who sits at her desk and blogs about mommy stuff.  I cook most nights for Poppabear and I love having meals with my parents and brother.  Everyday I watch a tv show, I watch more than 30 shows now.  If I could blog about all the shows I watch I would but who has the time for that?  I love to eat and travel and im sure more than half the people you meet say that too, but believe ME, I love to eat and travel.  I was born, raised and trained to eat and travel... at least until my kids were born.  So this is what I do everyday. I blog, I facebook, I watch tv and I make headbands.  I know my day may not sound as exciting (or as productive) as other people's lives but I can sincerely say that (almost) everything I do I love.  I barely do things I really don't want to do anymore.  How about you, how was your day?

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