Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Kaylabear's Results

Kaylabear has gone through some tests to see what was wrong with her.  The VCUG showed she has reflux in both her kidneys and her urine culture shows that she has 2 kinds of bacteria still.  Even after 2 wks of antibiotics.  I finally got to talk to the doctor today and she said that the 2 kinds of bacteria shown in the lab results are fatal and there's no way that Kayla has them.  She is assuming it is contaminated from the lab.  Thank goodness.  All that additional worry for nothing.  We just have to keep praying that the medicine does its job in preventing her from getting sick again.  Until next month's urine culture, we can breathe easy.

Here she is at the grocery for the 1st time looking around with her NR face.


  1. kainis! which lab is that? they should be held accountable. so scary to be misdiagnosed with something serious.

  2. cardinal santos lab! you pay 1500 to get a wrong diagnosis!!!!!!