Sunday, February 20, 2011

Toy Review: Play Doh Kitchen Set

Play Doh Meal Making Kitchen

My fascination with Play Doh grew as I walked around toy stores and there were so many options.  We decided on the kitchen set because it seemed to give the most bang for my buck.  It also served healthy and "real" food Maxine was allowed to eat (she's not allowed to eat ice cream and other junk food). The kitchen was a big hit because of the little oven.  Who'd have thought our little girl would fall in love with cooking big time so it was the perfect set for her!  We made spaghetti, pork chops and brocoli using the molds.  Be careful though, she was so excited to use the garlic press that she squeezed it together while my finger was still in it. OUCH! That happened to both me and her father. My only complaint about the Meal Making Kitchen is that the other parts are used as both a mold and part of the kitchen, so you cant use the molds if you want your whole stove to be upright.  Oh! and it won't be upright if you use it on the bed.  Also, dont expect to make real pretty bread using the toaster mold, it wont happen.  We still love playing with it even if some of the clay are harder to use now because they've dried up a bit.

*quick tip: put a few drops of water in the canister and cover overnight.  open and mix with play doh utensil to somehow get back its former texture.  repeat as long as necessary.

What she learned: Clay is not to be eaten, it is pretend food only hehe.  She also learned to pretend eat and pretend cook and to use her imagination more.
Durability:  The molds are all still intact even with Maxine's tough love.
Fun/Entertainment Value: Plays a lot with it until today.  She is now able to make more complex food using the molds.
Age:  1.9yrs old to 100

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