Sunday, February 6, 2011

A Secret Blog Revealed

I started this blog when Maxie bear was born, my sunshine.  I wanted this to be a time capsule of sorts for her to read when she's older.  Designed to be a love letter for her and for her to know how I felt at each of the milestones that she would go through in her life.  A secret blog for her. Who would have thought I would be blessed with yet another star in my life so soon after Maxine was born.  Kaylabear.  In order to be fair, I readjusted and made some changes in the blog and decided it was time to let the world in on my secrets.  But who really cares about what I have to say to and about my two little darlings?  So I decided to be helpful and make lists and write about things I wish someone had told me when I was pregnant with Maxine.  There is no scientific study behind any of all this.  Everything I write is merely based on what I have experienced myself and from the experiences of people I know.  This is still mainly a love project for my two children, an ode to their existence, an internet scrapbook for them both.  If they grow up vain or insecure this will aid them in a twisted way.  This is both for them and for me to be able to record the things I truly want to remember.  When you have kids you literally see how fast time flies, it moves so fast you rarely have the chance to take it all in.  Making time to record everything here makes it easy for me to take a look back into the recent past.  I revealed my secret blog a month ago and would like to thank everyone who has read an article or two.  Hopefully I have helped in the scary tasks that motherhood has in store or even just helped you figure out what to crave for during your pregnancy.


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