Thursday, February 3, 2011

Record Everything

I am obsessive compulsive at times.  I like to write lists, actually I like to write things down.  On pen and paper.  So when Maxiebear was born I wanted to know everything, I wanted to have a record of everything.  From the time she wakes up to her temperature and how many times she poops in a day.  However, pumping all day took most of my time and I couldn't be there 24/7 so the yaya was the one who did all the boring things while I got to play with her afterwards.  Where does writing everything down come in?  Well, I require all my yayas to write everything down in a notebook/planner.  The one I use is free from Pioneer Insurance.  It's big enough for me to write everything I need down.  This is how it goes..

Temp 36.7
6:30am Wake up
6:45am Take a Bath
7:00am Breakfast- Oatmeal
7:25am Poo
8:00am Drink milk 9oz
10:15am Lunch Potatoes, Cauliflower and Beef
11:45am Milk 9oz
12:00nn Sleep
2:20 Wake up
3:00pm Snack Apple
5:15 Dinner Rice, Brocolli and Beef
6:50pm Milk 9oz
8:00pm Sleep

This is helpful because you can keep track of what she's eaten so for example if she gets loose bowels you can look back at the list and see what she ate that day.  If she's sick I also write down what time she takes her medicine and how much she takes so that there won't be any confusion if she's taken them yet or not.  It's good to keep track of everything especially if they're still babies because when they start a pattern you can see the general skeleton of their day.  How long she naps, how often and what time.  You can also use this record to know if she gets enough sleep for her age.  You can also check if she's getting enough milk the whole day.


  1. I am the same! I like writing things down with Pen and Paper - thus my obsession with ballpens!!

    I kept the Pioneer planner your mom gave us! And I am using it for the same purpose!! And akala ko, ako lang ang praning.. (to think Baby K is still on her way out palang!) Hahahaha...

  2. yes i remember your obsession with ballpens!!!! :D good good! whats baby K's full name? :) i cant wait to meet her!