Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Toy Review: Play Doh Fundamentals CUT!

The last set we got her was a Play Doh Fundamental set.  It teaches a child to use scissors, the pair of scissors is plastic and cuts clay.  There are also 3 other cutters in the box but the main star of the show was the scissors.  She's been nagging me to let her use real scissors and I refused until I saw this.  I used these as training scissors for her.  A few days after she mastered using these scissors I let her use a small pair of real ones as she sat on my desk.  She cut for almost an hour the first few times.  Also, two 2oz cans are included in the box

What she learned:  She safely learned how to use a pair of scissors.
Durability:  The scissors and the chopping snail always breaks apart but is can be easily snapped back together by an adult.
Fun/Entertainment Value:  Spent 20-30mins each time we played with it.  Loved playing with it but soon got tired of the novelty of using a pair of scissors when she got to use the real thing.  But she still plays with the other cutting materials included.
Age: 1.6yrs old to 100.

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