Friday, February 18, 2011

Momma Bear's Eats: Happy Lemon Part 3

This is the last time I will blog about Happy Lemon for no other reason than it being too hard to blog everytime I drink some because I drink them a lot.  I have tasted a total of 15 drinks and I have found them all to be wonderful. There's something in the menu for everyone out there.  For the safe there's the normal milk tea with black pearl.  For the adventurous there's the green tea with rock salt.  For the non caffeine fiends you can try the lemon yakult.  For those in need of a green tea fix you can try the Matcha with Malt.

Don't order these to go if you want them at their finest : anything with Crispy, Rock Salt Cheese and the Lemon Yakult.  Drink them there.  This is a picture of my Lemon Yakult... looks nothing like the original.  And the covers are removable so be careful in the car ride, buy only what you can hold.  Lesson learned the hard way. But it was worth the sticky hands and spilled milktea.

Lemon Yakult To Go
Personally my favorite drink there is the Green Tea with Rock Salt Cheese and my favorite to go drink is the Crispy Cocoa Milk Tea with Brownsugar Jelly.  The most refreshing drink for me is the Lemon Peppermint with Nata de Coco.  My favorite topping is their Brownsugar Jelly.   If you haven't tried it yet go now! Stop reading and go now!  Their branch is in Promenade GH.  Right where Fully Booked used to be.
Caramel Milktea With Brownsugar Jelly
Lastly, I end this series with a beautiful conclusion... Happy Lemon's tagline is Happy Everyday!  Well, if you get to drink a cup a day then you really will be happy everyday! :D DRINK UP!  Have a nice weekend everybody!

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