Wednesday, February 9, 2011


M2's 1st tooth is out!!! She is now 1 tooth closer to eating! The little munchkin has been green with envy at everyone else's food.  Teething caused M1 alot of pain, it disrupted her sleep and lessened her milk intake for a few days.  With M1 its a totally different story, she didn't give any signs that she's been teething!  Blessed be my little Angel.  Here are some of the things I did with M1 to help her in the painful process of teething.

1.  Wet towel in the freezer.  Dip the small square towel in water and put it in the freezer.  It helps numb and soothes the pain.  The only problem is the whole towel will be cold.

2.  Munchkin fresh food feeder.  For those kids who are already eating solid foods, they can just use this.  Be warned it will become a messy situation after she's done munching on it.  You can use frozen grapes, frozen bananas or even crushed ice.  For those babies who get teeth very early you can use your breastmilk and freeze it in the ice tray and give that to the baby.

3.  Teething rings with plastic handles.  I got one for M1 before and it was much easier to hold on to rather than if the whole thing could be frozen.  Making it harder to hold.

4.  Frozen pacifiers!  For the little ones who cant hold on to anything yet.

5.  Lastly, go to the store and buy teething snacks.  Gerber has one that is so tough M1 chewed on it for an hour and she didn't get to half of it.  Which is a good thing because that means their teeth can't cut into it so the pieces  remain big.  People think to use carrot sticks but thats dangerous because if the stick breaks then it becomes a choking hazard.

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