Thursday, February 17, 2011

I Do

Last year and the start of this year was filled with weddings.  We have attended around 20 weddings in the past few months... Each of them reminding me of my own wedding 4 years ago today. I got married to the man of my dreams.  Without him there would be no M1 and M2, so I want to use this post to say...

Poppabear, thank you for making my life complete.  Thank you for giving me 2 precious gems and for sharing this journey with me.  Life is stormy and gray but with you I choose to simply enjoy the wind and the rain.  Together nothing can stop us, together we can do anything.  As I promised to you 4 years ago, in sickness and in health, for richer or for poorer, something something something, til death do us part.

Thank you for downloading my tv shows for me.  Thank you for buying me food.  Thank you for waiting with me for hour long milktea and understanding that I really don't want to share.  Thank you for not insisting that I share when I really really really don't want to share.  Thank you for eating whatever I cook and for cooking when I don't feel like it.  Thank you for supporting me in everything I do or think of doing.  Thank you for being a great daddy to our little munchkins.  Mr. town critic, talk show host, courtside reporter and drunk b*stard I love you kahit na ang ingay ingay mo :)

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