Sunday, February 27, 2011

Nursery Decorations

 All moms love to prepare for the coming of their child and one way we do that is to decorate the room.  I love seeing pictures of couples painting the walls of the nursery as they get ready for their new baby.  When we had M2's room made I chose a feminine color because I wasn't allowed to do that with M1's room for the off chance that I'd give birth to a boy.  I didn't and I haven't yet.  So, I got to make this nursery pink.  Poppabear's best bud thought he was having a girl and had his nursery painted pink too!  He also bought butterfly wall stickers from the states.  He had a boy.  His nursery walls were repainted and I got the butterflies.  Thanks Sharon and Gel! :)

I found out that M2 can already see when she kept smiling at her butterflies.  I also heard her first laugh when she laughed at them.  She even talks to them and wakes up happy and quietly because of them.  Yaya even insinuates that she sees "something" there.  She doesn't, she just really loves them butterflies.  Our friend got these at Target in the States but I also purchased other wall stickers.  I got some from HK and a few more here in Manila.  I think they are a great accessory to any room and you can just take them off when the kids out grow the design.  Here are some of the other stickers I have.  I also got a wall measurement sticker that is beautiful and useful at the same time!
Circus Animals from HK
Cute animals around her bed from Nu Dekor
You can purchase these here in manila in bazaars or online.  I got some from Nu Dekor and you can also get personalized ones from Sticky Things.

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