Monday, February 14, 2011

Toy Review: Leap Frog Scout and Violet

When they say a baby cannot play with toys yet, I think they only mean babies that are 0 months of age.  Kayla can play with her toys, she tries to grab them and eat them.  I just watched her rollover in her attempt to chew on a toy beside her.  Violet is her best friend, she is calmed down by Violet's music and voice.  Since the buttons are on the 4 paws and are soft and easily pressed, Kayla can somehow turn on Violet by punching and kicking her.  Kayla wakes up in her crib and stays quiet that no one knows she already up because she's just there staring at Violet and the stickers on her wall.  She was 2 months old when she started playing with Violet and we have changed batteries 3x since then.

What she learned:  Nothing much but the toy shows promise since it sings a lot of songs and you can even specify your baby's name so the toy will say it and incorporate it in the songs.
Durability:  Its still working fine but it hasn't really seen much action outside of the crib.
Fun:  For a newborn, its hours and hours of fun. I give it 5 stars.
Age: 2months to 2yo

This would make a really good gift for your babies or godchildren.  There's a green version named Scout for all the little boys out there.
*tip:  buy lots of rechargeable batteries, you're going to need it for all the toys the kids are going to have.

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