Monday, February 14, 2011

Patience and Sumpong.

Sumpong comes out whenever it feels like it.  It hits you like a tidal wave, you stumble and fall but not too hard.  When it happens, it takes a while to figure out and conclude that that IS what is happening.  To try and figure out WHY it is happening is useless, you just have to take out your Patience hat and wear it til the waves calm down to a halt.  

Today Maxine wakes up on the wrong side of the bed.  She is bratty, cranky and sad.  She didn't sleep well last night and kept waking up shouting and crying.  Bad dreams can make anyone cranky.  So today she is crying for the smallest of reasons and needs extra TLC.  These is no solution to sumpong, like a bad storm, you just have to wait it out.  For all the people who have to deal with this... God Bless us with the patience that lasts longer than the sumpong if not, just go out of the house.

Happy Valentines Day everyone! :)

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