Friday, February 18, 2011

Wifely Duties

They say you have to be a wife first and foremost then a mother.  But if you have kids, you need to be reminded that you were an individual before they were born.  That you once had a life and you once did things for yourself.  So where does the hubby come in?  Well, if I were to make a pie chart of a mother's priorities then it would be crust and cheese kids, toppings would be the husband and self?  Well, I eat the pie.  It was our anniversary so I am reminded that my babies did not fall from the heavens after all.  That he's a part of the reason why they exist here on earth.

Take some time out from your busy week and spend one night just the two of you.  Don't spend the whole night talking about the kids, make the conscious effort to talk about other things (maybe the weather??).

Eat together.  Watch a movie.  Go for a drive.

For those with more time, drive out of town.

Do the things you used to do when you didn't have any munchkins running around or bawling their eyes out.  We aren't just moms, we're partners too, to the wonderful men we married.  Sometimes we also have to pull them from the sidelines and make them the stars of the show.  Even if its just once or twice a year.  :P

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